Part Studios

Part Studio tabs are where you begin modeling and creating parts. All parts begin as sketches, using sketch tools, and then, in the same Part Studio, you use feature tools to create part (solid bodies) from the sketches. You can create as many Part Studios in a document as you wish, and create as many parts in a Part Studio as you wish (though we recommend keeping the parts in a Part Studio limited to those that are geometrically relevant to each other for the best performance).

This topic explains how to customize the toolbars in Part Studio and Assembly tabs, as well as the functionality and mechanics of using Part Studios to create parts.

Part Studio toolbars

Access the shortcut toolbar with the S key while in a Part Studio, Drawing or Assembly tab.

Sketch shortcut toolbar

An example of a sketch tool shortcut toolbar. Customize your shortcut toolbars in your Account preferences.


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Last Updated: November 11, 2019