Desktop platform icon This functionality is currently available only on Onshape's browser platform.

Only a company or Enterprise administrator is able to set up the details of the Onshape Release management workflow for the company, but any user in the account is able to use these tools in the company documents as long as they have edit permissions on the document (or documents) containing the objects for release.

To set up Onshape Release management tools:

  1. In the User menu, select Company/Enterprise settings.
  2. Select the Release management tab in the left pane.
  3. To use the Onshape Release workflow and tools, select Enable managed workflows.
  4. Proceed through each of the next sections (below) to define the conditions that govern the release workflow and preferences that work for your company.
  5. When you have made your selections, click Save release settings (at either the top of the page or the bottom).

You have the option to choose to forgo using Onshape's Release management workflows and tools by not selecting Enable managed workflows. This turns Release management tools off and you use your own procedures and processes to manually change revision properties and other properties. To learn more about manual release workflows, see the technical briefing titled Release Workflow & Data Management.

The Onshape Release management workflow is illustrated by the diagram on the Company/Enterprise settings > Release management page:

Release workflow chart

See Viewing Revision History and Obsoleting Parts for an explanation of using Onshape's workflow for obsoleting parts.