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This master help system contains help for all of the platforms that Onshape works on. In each topic, information for all platforms is explained. In some topics, the information is platform-specific and there are dropdowns for each platform. In other topics, the information is not platform-specific, so the information applies to all platforms.

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Onshape primer

Become familiar with Onshape's terms, tools, and more.


Ensure efficiency of modeling and reduce regeneration times.

Sharing and collaboration

Real-time sharing and collaboration

Onshape documents

A new document concept within the CAD industry.

Release management

Onshape's set of automated workflows used to manage releasing revisions.

Versioning and branching

Keep track of your team's iterations and edits right inside the document.

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What's New

Discover what improvements and capabilities have been added to Onshape.

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Onshape Forums

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To provide feedback on the Help system itself, expand the Help menu (click the (?) icon) and select Feedback. Use the tool within Onshape to log a ticket for Onshape Support. Expand the Help menu and select Contact Support. Enterprise customers may also reach out to their Customer Success manager.