Onshape captures the state of every tab in a workspace every time an edit is completed (by all users working in that workspace). This information is also preserved for versions. This means that for every document there is an infinite record of states in which it has existed. This is very valuable because you never have to worry about constantly saving your work. You are always able to make changes with confidence that if the changes don't work out, you are able to find and restore any earlier state. In addition, you always have the ability to use version, branching, and merging to explore multiple design variations in parallel, either on your own or with collaborators. Onshape also captures and preserves release package candidates as versions in the Versions and History panel.

For additional Learning center resources, follow the technical briefing articles here: Understanding and Working with a Document’s Historical Data (Onshape account required) and Gitflow Version Management (Onshape account required).