The Document panel is available in all Onshape documents (aligned vertically with the Onshape logo).

Below is a map of the functionality available:

Document panel toolbar with labels

Tab manager in the Document panel toolbar

  1. Versions and history Versions and history icon - Click to open the Version Manager in the Document panel, where you can branch, merge, create new workspaces, and view changes and releases.
  2. Create version Create Version icon - Click to open the Create new version dialog.
  3. Release drafts Release drafts icon - Click to open the Release drafts panel, displaying draft release candidates saved in that document.
  1. Comments Comments icon - Click to open Comments for the active document in the Document panel.
  2. Where used Where used icon - Click to open Where used in the Document panel , displaying where parts or assemblies are used.
  3. Performance Performance icon - Click to open Performance in the Document panel, where you can view the Tab performance, Tab graphics, Document performance, and System details.
  4. Tab manager Tab manager icon - Click to open the Tab manager, where you can organize and find tabs more easily. See Working with the Tab manager