Feature and Part Lists

This functionality is available on Onshape's browser, iOS, and Android platforms.

The Part Studio Feature list consists of a list of features and a list of parts (shown in the desktop screenshot below). The pane on the left of the window includes, starting at the top:

  • If you have created configurations, they appear at the top of this list, with a dropdown to allow selection of the configuration
  • The number of features in the Part Studio
  • A search box (to search for features, parts, surfaces, or curves by name or type)
  • The list itself includes the default geometry of origin and planes
  • Each feature in the Part Studio
  • The rollback bar
  • A bar that separates the parts/curves/surfaces list from the features
  • The number of parts, surfaces, meshes, composite parts, and curves in the Part Studio
  • Each part in the Part Studio (created in the Part Studio or derived)
  • When viewing a release version of the document, this indicator Release Canidate Icon appears next to any parts that have been released in that particular version
  • Each surface and also curve (created in the Part Studio or derived)

You are able to drag the separator bar to show more or less of the Feature list area and more or less of the Parts list area. Each area (Feature and Part) also scrolls independently of the other.

Features are accompanied by the tool icon which created them. This enables you to rename using descriptive names and still be able to tell what kind of Feature is represented. The model displayed in the Graphics area is visualized up to the position of the Rollback bar in the Feature list.