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Access the metadata definitions for Onshape objects (what drives the data displayed in object Properties dialogs and Bill of materials (BOM)), view these metadata definitions, and create new properties for use in Company/Classroom/Enterprise-owned documents, as well as provide Display names for existing Onshape properties. Administrators can add, modify and retire properties for all users. Users can only view these metadata definitions.

To navigate to your Properties/Custom properties settings in Onshape, click on your Account user icon (Account user icon) in the top right corner of your Onshape window. This opens a dropdown menu. Click Company/Classroom/Enterprise settings.

Click Properties (Professional or Educator subscriptions) or Custom Properties (Enterprise subscriptions) in the list on the left side of the page:

Company settings: Properties

Company settings > Properties

Enterprise settings: Custom properties

Enterprise settings > Custom properties

Users with permission to create and edit properties see a Create custom property button at the top of the page.

Properties may be associated with these Onshape objects:

  • Onshape Part
  • Onshape Assembly
  • Onshape Drawing
  • Onshape Part Studio
  • Onshape File
  • Onshape Application
  • Onshape Item