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View the account setting for your company (Company settings), Classroom (Classroom settings), or enterprise (Enterprise settings).

Click your name or Account user icon (Account icon) in the upper right corner on your Onshape window, then click Company/Classroom/Enterprise settings to access your Onshape account information. The settings available on this page may vary with plan type.

Following are the Company/Classroom/Enterprise settings:

  • Users - Invite or add new users to your Company/Classroom/Enterprise, view the list of current users, search for a particular user, delete selected users, and see whether a user is a Guest user. Only the Company/Classroom/Enterprise Owner and the Admin (or Educator in the case of Classrooms) have the ability to add users to and remove users from the subscription. See Users for detailed information.

  • Teams - Create teams of users to group users together for the purpose of making sharing more efficient; once the team is created, you can select the team name instead of entering many users' individual email addresses during a Share operation. All team members must be users in the Company/Classroom/Enterprise. See Teams for detailed information.

  • Aliases - Aliases are distribution lists for the Release management workflow. Only Administrators can create Aliases and assign other users or Teams to an alias. Specifically, an Administrator needs the Manage users and teams global permission in order to create aliases and assign other users or teams to an Alias. See Aliases for detailed information.

  • Global permissions - Control user access to Enterprise-level operations and information. See Global permissions for detailed information.

  • Authentication - Change your Onshape system password, and also enable (or disable) two-factor authentication. Authentication for detailed information.

  • Project roles - Project roles are used to group users into functional roles with associated permissions. See Project roles for detailed information.

  • Permission schemes - Project roles and Permission schemes work in tandem to apply access permission to documents grouped together within a Project. See Permission schemes for detailed information.

  • Properties/Custom properties - Access the metadata definitions for Onshape objects, view these metadata definitions, and create new properties/custom properties for use in Company/Classroom/Enterprise-owned documents, as well as provide Display names for existing Onshape properties. See Properties/Custom properties for detailed information.

  • Categories - Create categories in Onshape to extend the properties of the standard Onshape object types in the system to include more targeted and relevant metadata to be applied based on design, engineering, and manufacturing processes. See Categories for detailed information.

  • Items - Add items that you will want to add to your bill of materials but that do not require being modeled (non-geometric entities). Adding those items here allows you to make use of them in any Company/Classroom/Enterprise-owned documents. See Items for detailed information.

  • Applications - Third-party applications for use with your Onshape account. See Applications for detailed information.

  • Numbering schemes - Select manual or sequential number generation for release objects (parts, Assemblies, Drawings, Variable Studios, and/or files), standard content, and items. See Numbering schemes for detailed information.

  • Release management - Select from a set of automated workflows in Onshape used to manage releasing revisions of parts, Assemblies, Drawings and imported files (translated or not) in a document. See Release management for detailed information.

  • Preferences - Select your Onshape Preferences settings, where you have the ability to require that users use approved drawing templates, make use of company/enterprise-owned material libraries in their own accounts, or show a view only toolbar to all users of a document with view only permissions, as well as additional preference settings. See Preferences for detailed information.

  • Integrations - Available to Enterprise administrators only; grant or remove access to Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive accounts to Onshape. indicate which users are allowed access. See Integrations for detailed information.

  • Webhooks - Administrators can use webhooks to check data access integrity, ensuring that a notification was really sent by Onshape, and that it has not been tampered with in transit. Enabling webhook basic authentication populates the Authorization header in all webhook requests. See Webhooks for detailed information.

  • Arena - Configuration settings for the Onshape Arena connection. See Arena for detailed information.

  • Details - View and update the details of the Company/Classroom/Enterprise information and change the logo image. See Details for detailed information.