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Change your Onshape system password, and also enable (or disable) two-factor authentication.

To navigate to your Authentication settings in Onshape, click on your Account user icon (Account user icon) in the top right corner of your Onshape window. This opens a dropdown menu. Click Company/Classroom/Enterprise settings.

Click Authentication in the list on the left side of the page:

Enterprise settings: Authentication

Onshape highly recommends taking advantage of our two-factor authentication functionality. Two-factor authentication (2FA) allows you to configure your Onshape account to require more than a single password to sign in. Using one password to sign into a website makes you more susceptible to security threats because one piece of static information may be easy to guess or acquire. With 2FA, a second piece of information is required, and that second piece of information is generated dynamically during the sign in process, and may be different each time you sign in.

We highly recommend you use 2FA for Onshape and for all websites you use that support it.