Onshape offers different types of accounts based on different levels of need regarding data management and collaboration requirements.

For pricing information, see https://www.onshape.com/en/pricing.

The Account menu is located in the upper-right corner of the interface. The icon for the Account menu may look like this: User account icon, with your user name to the right. From this menu you can access:

  • My account - Manage and maintain your Onshape account, set preferences, notifications settings, security, and more. See My account settings for detailed information.
  • Company/Classroom/Enterprise settings - View the account settings for your company/classroom/enterprise. See Company/Classroom/Enterprise settings for more information.
  • View support tickets - View any support tickets you have submitted. If you want to submit a support ticket, look in the Help menu (the icon to the right of your name in the upper-right corner of the interface). See Viewing support tickets for more information.
  • Sign out - Sign out of and close your Onshape session.

Subscription types

Each type of account is presented below.

  • Enterprise - Onshape Enterprise is Onshape’s premium product offering designed for sophisticated product teams who need to work fast without losing control of data.

    Onshape Enterprise is a specific plan type available from Onshape which enables a company to purchase a plan for multiple users with consolidated billing. When you purchase Onshape Enterprise, you receive a unique domain where the users in your company are able to access Onshape. Your Onshape domain is specific to you and inaccessible by other unrelated Onshape users. Only the users specified and paid for by your company are allowed access to your enterprise.

    When working within an enterprise in Onshape, be aware that you are in a separate, managed environment that has a subtle difference from other types of Onshape subscriptions. The enterprise environment is owned and managed by an Enterprise Administrator and is able to include many users, called Members of the Enterprise.

    All users belonging to a specific enterprise subscription access Onshape through a single URL, specifically for their Enterprise.

  • Professional - The Onshape Professional subscription enables a company to consolidate billing for multiple users, thereby creating a company within Onshape: a named, user-visible Onshape entity with consolidated billing, ownership and sharing for a set of Professional subscription users. Documents created by company members are owned by the company and all company-owned documents are automatically shared with all company members. The Professional company subscription differs from an Enterprise subscription in many ways, most notably that there is no unique domain for users to access, and no enterprise dashboard with analytics and activity reports.

    If an existing Free user is listed as belonging to a Professional subscription, that user's plan is automatically upgraded to Professional and included in the company's subscription billing. Any Onshape user may be paid for and included in a Professional subscription, and even multiple Professional subscriptions.

    All Professional subscriptions include:

    • Automated release management tools
    • Custom properties for company metadata
    • Company-wide material libraries
    • Company-based sharing
    • Simulation
  • Educator - Onshape Educator subscriptions are for current educators, mentors, or volunteers at educational institutions, and provides access to Classes and Assignments, and other advanced features such as Simulation. This plan is solely for classroom instruction, educational teams and organizations, and academic research. This plan is not for government, commercial, or other non-academic organizational use.

    Educator subscriptions automatically renew after one year of use as long as the user still qualifies according to the criteria stated above. When the user no longer qualifies, the subscription is downgraded to a Free subscription.

    All Educator subscriptions include:

    • Classes and Assignments
    • Automated release management tools
    • Custom properties for company metadata
    • EDU-wide material libraries
    • EDU-based sharing
    • Simulation
  • Standard - Onshape Standard includes all of Onshape’s best-in-class parametric modeling functionality along with core data management tools. Standard subscriptions include all Onshape features with the exception of the following:
    • Automated release management tools
    • Custom properties for company metadata
    • Company-wide material libraries
    • Company-based sharing
    • Consolidated billing

    For the addition of release management and company-wide controls, see Onshape Professional.

  • Student - Student subscriptions are for certificate-seeking students at accredited education institutions. Students must be at least 13 years of age. This plan is solely for classroom instruction, student learning projects, school clubs or organizations, and academic research. This plan is not for government, commercial, or other organizational use.

    Student subscriptions allow the same working environment as the Standard subscription, and expire after one year of use resulting in automatic downgrade of the account. As long as the user still qualifies according to the criteria stated above, the Student subscription may be renewed. When the user no longer qualifies, the subscription must be downgraded to a Free subscription.

  • Free - Onshape's Free subscription enables you to create an Onshape account and use Onshape at no cost. There is no time limit imposed and no credit card information collected.

    The Free subscription allows you to create as many public documents as you want. You are unable to create any private documents. If a private document is shared with you, you are able to open it in View only mode (non-editable). If you attempt to create a private document, you are prompted to request a trial version of our Professional subscription in order to do so.

    Trial versions are of our Professional subscription and features, including private documents. Using a trial version gives you a more realistic feel for all the features of Onshape, and includes the ability to more easily set up a company through a Professional subscription when you decide to subscribe to Onshape Professional.

    Documents created in the free plan is able to be viewed and copied by all Onshape users, and there is no assumed copyright on any public document you create. You are also able to share a public document with specific users and give them edit rights.

    Free subscribers may belong to only one Onshape subscription at a time (per email address). To change from a Free subscription to a Professional subscription, click Upgrade to Professional at the bottom of the left pane. If a free user is included in a Professional company subscription, their account is automatically upgraded to Professional.

All account maintenance is done through the browser/desktop platform. You are able to view some account information on mobile devices but you only have the ability to edit default dimension settings as well as turn on/off Touch and Face ID for mobile devices that support those methods of security. For all other account management, sign in to Onshape on a browser (not on a mobile device).

For an additional Learning center resource, follow the technical briefing article here: Security and IT Checklist (Onshape account required).