My account settings is where you can manage and maintain your Onshape account, set preferences, notifications settings, security and all the account settings, as explained in this topic. See blow for more information.

Click your name or Account user icon (Account icon) in the upper right corner on your Onshape window, then click My account to access your Onshape account information. The settings available on this page may vary with plan type.

If you navigated to your account with a document open, click the Return to document link in the upper right corner of the page to return to that document at any time.

Following are the My account settings:

  • Profile - Displays general information about you and your account, such as Name, username, nickname, bio, documentation name, and company/enterprise name. See Profile for detailed information.

  • Emails - Displays email settings. Add, remove, or edit your primary or other emails. See Emails for detailed information.

  • Preferences - Displays preferences. Specify preference for the following Onshape settings. See Preferences for detailed information.

    • Language - Select your preferred language used in the Onshape interface. When you click Save language, Onshape automatically signs you out and you must sign in again to view the language change.

    • Startup Page - Select your preferred landing page from the dropdown. If a company or enterprise administrator sets a different Startup page for the account, this setting takes precedence.

    • Units - Edit the units of measurement and precision used in all your Onshape documents, as well as the time format.

    • Mouse controls - Adjust the mouse mappings to a familiar traditional CAD system’s default settings. These settings also control mouse mappings for Drawings.

    • Environment profile settings - Create device profile preferences here, including rendering at high resolution pixel density. This profile may be used on any device.

    • Assembly settings - Display instance list properties so that the part number, revision, and state properties of the instance appear in the Instances list on the right side in the Assembly.

    • Keyboard shortcuts - Customize the keyboard shortcuts and hotkeys available for General tools, Sketch tools, Drawing tools, 3D View tools, Part Studio tools, and Assembly tools.

    • Shortcut toolbars - Customize the shortcut toolbars available for Sketch tools, Feature tools, Assembly tools, and Drawing tools.

    • Toolbars - Reset customized toolbars (Sketch, Part Studio Feature, and Assembly) to restore them to their default settings. Shortcut toolbars are not reset.

    • Drawings - Set background color of model space for imported DWG and DXF files.

    • Material libraries - Create and add custom material libraries, remove unnecessary libraries, and make libraries available to all users within a company.

    • Export rules - Add custom export rules based on object type, category, and file format to automatically generate metadata-driven file names when exporting objects.

    • Authoring permissions - Administrators can grant users or teams permission to create, edit, and delete non-geometric items.

    • Release management - Administrators can grant users or teams permission to approve releases.

  • Notifications - Displays email and mobile notifications settings for shares and comments. See Notifications for detailed information.

  • Security - Displays security settings, where you can reset your password. See Security for detailed information.

  • Devices - Displays devices settings, where you can create device profiles for use with Onshape. See Devices for detailed information.

  • Applications - Displays applications settings, where you can add or remove the applications you use with Onshape. See Applications for detailed information.

  • Integrations - Displays the integrations settings, where you can grant Onshape access to your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive account (separately). See Integrations for detailed information.

  • Early visibility - Displays the early visibility settings, where you can manage access to the Onshape early visibility program, allowing you to test functionality that is under development. See Early visibility for detailed information.

  • Subscription - Displays subscription settings, where you can view, edit, update, or cancel your subscription. See Subscriptions for detailed information.

  • Payment options - Displays payment option settings, where you can edit credit card and billing information. See Payment option for detailed information.

  • Payment history (all plans except) - Displays your payment history. Only Company account Owners and Administrators can see this information for Professional plans. Users in Standard and Free plans can see their history (in case a Free user has downgraded from another plan). See Payment history for detailed information.

  • Teams (all plans except) - Displays team settings, where you can add or remove teams. See Teams for detailed information.