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Displays team settings, where you can add or remove teams.

This page is where you set your user account Teams. For information on setting your company/classroom/enterprise-wide teams, see Company/Classroom/Enterprise settings - Teams.

To navigate to your Teams settings in Onshape, click on your Account user icon (Account user icon) in the top right corner of your Onshape window. This opens a dropdown menu. Click My account.

Click Teams in the list on the left side of the page. This brings you to your Onshape Teams settings. You have the ability to create teams in order to group users together for the purpose of making sharing more efficient; once the team is created, you have the option to select the team name instead of entering many users' individual email addresses during a Share operation.

My account: Teams

It is not required that the members of a team have anything in common; not even an Onshape subscription.

One user creates a team (thereby becoming the initial admin of the team) and then adds other users to it, assigning either a user role or an admin role to each team member. Members receive notification emails when they are added and removed from a team, and users can belong to more than one team at a time.

Sharing a document with a team does not give any team member additional permissions on the document than the owner/creator of the document allows during the Share operation.

At any point, the admins of a team can remove any member from the team, thereby removing any Share permissions previously made through the team. Any Shares made on an individual basis remain in place, as well as the permission they grant.

Team members can remove themselves from a team, unless they are the last admin member of the team. (A team must have at least one admin.) When a member is removed from a team, any document shared with that user through the team becomes unshared and removed from their Documents list.

A team admin may delete the team at any time. Upon deletion of the team, all documents shared with the team become unshared from the team members and removed from their Documents lists.

As with all sharing operations, the following permissions can be assigned during the Share operation:

  • View - Permission to open for read-only access; no editing allowed
  • Edit - Permission to open and edit (make changes)

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