The Documents page is the first page displayed when you sign in to your Onshape account. The exception is that Enterprise subscription users will land on the Activity page when you sign in. When on any other page in the system, you can click the Onshape logo (or your company logo) to return to the Documents page.

Onshape Enterprise admins can set the default startup page for users. See Startup page preferences.

This page lists all of the Onshape projects, folders, publications, and documents you have permission to, including view permission. All Onshape entities permissions are applied automatically upon creation of the document. See these topics for more details: Share Documents (for everyone) and Understanding and Administering Project Roles and Permission Schemes (for Enterprise users and administrators).

This topic explains the anatomy of this Documents page, explains the tasks you can perform here, how to navigate it and gives a short explanation of using this page to organize and then locate your data using labels, folders, and in some cases projects, and through filters and search functionality.

The page layout is explained below, along with how to navigate and use the specific tools on the page. The platform-specific dropdowns present how to locate the functionality on each platform user interface, as they may differ slightly from each other.

For an additional Learning center resource, follow the learning pathway course here: Document Management (Onshape account required).