Editing an existing sheet metal model’s bends, rips, and joints using the Sheet metal table creates a Modify joint feature in the Feature list. Edit this feature as you would any other; right-click the feature entry to access the context menu.

In the Feature list

After converting a bend to a rip (using the table commands, explained above), a Modify joint feature is listed in the Feature list. You can right-click and Edit this new joint:

  1. Right-click the Modify joint feature in the Feature list.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. In the dialog:

    Sheet metal modify joint dialog

    1. Confirm the joint edge you want to modify (the Entity) or select a different one.
    2. Confirm the Joint type: Bend or Rip.
    3. For bends, keep the model properties default for the radius, or uncheck that box and specify a new Bend radius.
  4. Click Accept checkmark icon to accept changes.

The Modify joint feature appears in the Feature list, indicated by this icon Modify joint icon.