Create gussets between adjacent frame segments. The Frame collection of tools also includes:

Frame trim iconFrame trim - Trim segments as ordered groups.

End cap feature tool iconEnd cap - Create one or more end caps for frame segments.

Cut list iconCut list - Create a cut list of all the segments in a frame with their characteristics. This operation also creates an open composite part for the collection.

Tag profile iconTag profile - Attach metadata to a sketch defining a segment's cross-section.


To create gussets between adjacent frame segments:

  1. Select Frame gusset icon:

    Frame gusset dialog box

  2. Select the linear edge or edges on the frame segment(s) cut face on which to create the gusset(s):

    The highlighted edge, above, is the selected linear edge

  3. Select a gusset type: triangle or rectangle.

  4. Enter a length of the gusset, as measured along the edge of the frame.

  5. Enter a thickness, as measured across the width of the frame.

  6. Select a position for the gusset: centered along the midpoint of the frame, or aligned with one edge or another (select the edge in the Alignment entity field).

  7. Optionally enter an offset distance, the distance the gusset is offset from the place of alignment (as described in step 6 above).

Gussets are listed as individual parts in the Parts list.

You can use the manipulator arrows in the graphics area to approximate length and thickness of the gusset.