Create an open composite part from the selected segments with a corresponding table listing each segment's properties. The Frame collection of tools also includes:

Frame trim iconFrame trim - Trim segments as ordered groups.

Gusset (for frames) iconGusset - Create gussets between adjacent frame segments.

End cap feature tool iconEnd cap - Create one or more end caps for frame segments.

Tag profile iconTag profile - Attach metadata to a sketch defining a segment's cross-section.


To create the open composite part from the selected segments, along with a table listing the segments and their properties:

  1. In the Part Studio with the frame, click Cut list icon.

    Cut list dialog

  2. To select all frames in the Part Studio, click Select all frames.
  3. To select specific frames, activate the Frames field and click on each segment in the graphics area.

    At this point, you can click the green check mark to accept and close the feature. The Cut list becomes available along the right side of the graphics area, with the other tables, and a composite part is listed in the Parts lists. Click the Cut list icon to open the table:

    Example of the Cut list table

    When inserting frames into an Assembly, it is best practice to insert the composite part, not individual frames. The ensures the Cut list and BOM remain accurate.

  4. While in the Cut list dialog, you can override a specific part's property listing in the Cut list table, click Add Column Override:

    Cut list dialog with Add Column Override selected

  5. You can select specific frames for which to add additional property data in the table, or select all frames. Either click the check box next to All frames, or activate the Frames field and select frames in the graphics area.

  6. In the Column field, enter the name of an existing column, or the name of a column you wish to add.

  7. In the Value field, enter the corresponding value for the column heading of the frames you've selected.

For example, if you wish to add a column heading of Supplier, specify Supplier in the Column field to add that column to the table. Select the frames you want to apply the data to, and the value in the Value field:

Example of the Cut list dialog with Overrides applied

The new data appears in the Cut list table:

Overrides displayed in the Cut list table

If no value is added, the column is not shown in the table. Any frame not listed in the override has a value of Not set in the table for the override column (as shown above).

Editing a Cut list table

  • Right-click on any column and select from Move left, Move right, and Hide column.

  • Use the three-dot menu in the upper right to Copy table or Show <column name> if a column has been hidden.

  • Edit the Cut list table feature (in the Feature list) to remove the override and the table is updated accordingly.