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Feature Tooldbar with Note Icon Highlighted

Add single or multi-line text notes to any drawing, wherever you want, and use them to fill in the title blocks as well. You have the ability to define the size of the text box as well as format the text itself and optionally include a leader or many leaders. You also have the ability to rotate the orientation of the note and create additional leaders.

Note that hovering over a note automatically causes a blue highlight on the edges attached to the leaders:

Example of blue lines caused by hovering

Creating notes

  1. Click Note icon.
    • To create a note with a leader:
      1. Hover over a view (or a view region or a face in a view) to activate a snap point. Click to anchor the leader, then click to set the note. A small text box appears at the end point of the leader. A note dialog accompanies it.
      2. Enter text and apply formatting and when finished, click Accept checkmark icon to close the dialog.
      3. (Optional) To add more leaders, right-click the note and select Add leader. A leader automatically appears at the note grip point closest to the mouse location. Drag to a grip point in the drawing and click to place the leader. Repeat as necessary.

      The leader includes a moveable node:

      Click and drag the node to extend or shrink the horizontal segment of the leader line.

    • To create a note with no leader:
      1. Move the cursor to empty white space and click to place the text box.

        Step 3a to using Note tool

      2. Enter text and apply formatting. When finished, click Accept checkmark icon to close the dialog.

Only notes without leaders can be rotated.

There is no need to click directly on the point once it is visible. While moving the mouse to place the note, you'll notice thin, dashed lines as the cursor passes near other entities. These are inferencing lines that you are able to align the note to; simply click when you see the line appear to align the note to that line.