Shortcut: Ctrl+s

An Onshape sheet is a page of a drawing which represents a single sheet of paper in a printed version of a drawing. View the sheets of a drawing and their contents with the Sheet flyout, located on the left side of the interface Sheet flyout icon.

Once the sheet flyout is opened, it remains open with the currently displayed sheet selected in the list. To view another sheet, select it in the flyout, or use shortcut keys.

Sheets shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Ctrl+s Open and close Sheet flyout
PgDn Display next sheet
PgUp Display previous sheet
Home Display first sheet
End Display last sheet


  • To access the properties of a drawing, right-click on the Drawing tab and select Properties. Edits made in this Properties panel are automatically reflected in the title block of the drawing.
  • You have the ability to edit the fields in the title block as you normally would: drag, copy, and paste. You also have the ability to double-click a field to edit the formatting via the Note panel.
  • When the drawing's properties haven't been specified, the title block contains dashes in place of information. These dashes will print if you print the drawing. To remove the dashes, just select and delete that note in the title block.
  • You can copy and paste drawing entities (like notes and symbols) across documents, workspaces within a document or across documents, and also sheets within a drawing.