Properties feature icon Properties

RMB in drawing and select ‘Drawing properties’

The icon to access the Drawing Properties panel is located on the right side of the drawings area. Click the icon to open the panel, click again to close the panel. Use these settings to define the defaults for your drawing. Individual drawing entities may be changed separately, but these settings apply to all entities in a drawing as a default. Once you have your drawing properties set to your satisfaction, you are able to save the drawing and its settings as a template. For information on creating a template, see Custom Drawing Templates.

The illustration below shows the icon, located partway down the right side of the drawing window, outlined in blue:

Example of location of drawing properties panel icon in a drawing

The Properties panel has multiple tabs, each explained separately below.

Drawing properties panel

Units and precision tool icon Units and precision

Dimensions icon Dimensions

Annotations tool icon Annotations

Views tool icon Views

Construction geometry tool icon Construction geometry

Formats tool icon Formats

Tables tool icon Tables








Last Updated: May 23, 2019