Drawings toolbar with Format painter highlighted

The Format painter is an advanced copy and paste tool. Use default, Drawing properties, and/or Styles panel formats from one dimension or annotation to format additional dimensions and/or annotations in the drawing.

  1. Click Format painter drawing icon to open the Format painter dialog:

    Format painter dialog

  2. Optionally choose to select Paste style, Paste tolerance and precision, and/or Paste content by selecting the check box next to each option.
  3. Select the annotation or dimension whose style, tolerance/precision, or content you wish to copy.
  4. Select additional annotations and/or dimensions (these are the format painter destinations, where formats are pasted). When selected, their style formats update to the source style.
  5. Click Accept checkmark icon.


  • Only default, drawing properties, or style panel formats are painted. Styles altered in the Note dialog, for example, cannot be used by the format painter.

  • Paint formats from annotations to dimensions and vice versa; only styles common to both source and destination are painted.