Toolbar with Revision table icon selected

Insert a revision table to record the revisions of the drawing created during the release management process. Style the table as you would any other table and adjust properties of the table through the Properties panel. As the drawing moves through the release management process, further revisions and table information are updated automatically.


Release management must be enabled for the account or enterprise.


  1. Click Revision table icon.

    Revision table dialog

  2. Use the Multi-sheet field to indicate how to display the table when the drawing contains multiple sheets. The Linked option displays the full Revision table on all sheets. The See sheet 1 option displays the full table on the sheet the table was inserted on and a small table indicating See sheet 1 on every other sheet.

    Example using the multi-sheet field example; the first sheet of the drawing, with the revision table

    The first sheet of the drawing, with the revision table, above

    The second sheet of the drawing, when See sheet 1 is selected in the Revision table properties

    The second sheet of the drawing, when See sheet 1 is selected in the Revision table properties, above

  3. Set the Visible rows field to the number of revisions you wish to list in the table.
  4. Select the Order in which to list the revisions: newest at the bottom (Top to bottom) or newest at top (Bottom to top).

  5. Select Hide revision callouts no longer shown in the table to hide any revision callouts you have inserted in the drawing that do not have a corresponding revision row in the Revision table.
  1. Select the icon that matches the corner of the table to set as your fixed corner.

    Select fixed corner section of drawings table

  2. The default anchor point in Onshape is the upper right corner of tables.

    There is no need to click directly on the point once it is visible. While moving the mouse to place the table, you'll notice thin, dashed lines as the cursor passes near other entities. These are inferencing lines that you are able to align the table to; simply click when you see the line appear to align the table to that line.

  3. Click in the drawing space to place the table.

When a revision is pending, the table row is highlighted in blue. When the revision is released, the highlighting is disappears, as shown below:

Revision table with pending revisions

The pending revision is highlighted in blue, above, and the Revision label is marked with a small unfilled triangle.

Revisions table with a released revision

The highlighting is removed (along with the small triangle on the Revision label) when the Revision is released, above.


  • For Professional, Educator, and Enterprise plan users, the format of the revision table is governed by the format of the Revision table template selected in the company/enterprise release management settings in the Company or Enterprise account settings. See "Revision tables" under Managing Company Preferences for Professional plans, or"Release management" under Enterprise Account Settings, as appropriate, for more information.

  • The UTC time zone is used for Revision table Date properties. This could potentially lead to a situation where a date is displayed as tomorrow, for example.