Document Toolbar and Document Menu

The Document toolbar is available in all Onshape documents (aligned with the Onshape logo). Below is a map of the functionality available:

Toolbar with number labels

  1. Onshape or company logo Onshape Logo - Click the Onshape logo (or your company logo if you are part of an enterprise account) to return to the Documents page from anywhere else in the system.
  2. Document menu Document Menu Icon - Click this to open a menu of commands available for the document and workspace that is currently active.
  3. Manage version and history Version Menu Icon - Click this to open the Version Manager flyout where you can branch, merge, create new workspaces, and view changes and releases.
  4. Create version Create Release Icon - Click to open the Create new version dialog.
  5. Document name (bold) - The name in bold is the document you are currently working in.
  6. Workspace name (light gray) - The name in light gray is workspace you are currently working in.
  7. Comments Comments Icon - Click to open the Comments dialog for the active document.
  8. FeatureScript notices Feature Script Notice Icon - Click to see any notices sent by the FeatureScript compiler.
  9. App Store - Click to access (and log in if necessary) the Onshape App store for purchasing apps that partner with Onshape.
  10. Learning Center - Click to access the Onshape Learning Center (in a new window tab) that offers recorded webinars, technical briefings, and self-paced learning pathways.
  11. Share - Click to open the Share dialog and make the active document accessible to another user or team and select permissions for those users to have on this document.
  12. Help menu Help Menu Icon - Open the Help menu to access: the online Help system, Learning Center (same as the Learning Center button), FeatureScript documentation, a listing of product keyboard shortcuts, a list of What's New for this release, forums, contact Support, check your system for compatibility with Onshape's requirements, and information about this version of Onshape.
  13. User account menu - Access your account preferences and other settings through this menu. For more information see, Managing Your Onshape Plan.

Document menu commands

The Document menu contains the following commands:

  • Rename a document - Provide a new name for the document.
  • Document properties - Enter a description for the document; this description displays on the Documents page, in the Detail panel. If you have access to Release management and have Onshape's workflow enabled, this box also includes a Not revision managed checkbox to indicate that this document and its objects not be included in any Release management workflow.
  • Copy a workspace - Create another document with a copy of this workspace in it. The original and the copy are not linked in any way. The copy is opened automatically.
  • Copy version - When you are viewing a specific version of a document, this command appears in the menu. Create another document with a copy of the currently open version in it. The original and the copy are not linked in any way and no release meta data is included in the copy (except for Part numbers, if they exist in the source version).
  • Version properties - When you are viewing a specific version of a document, this command appears in the menu. View and/or edit the name and description, if desired.
  • Set the default units for the open workspace. Default units set for a workspace affect all Part Studios and Assemblies in that workspace, all values displayed in sketch dimensions and all other numerical fields (for example, in all feature dialogs). You can set default units for all documents (and workspaces within a document) created through your account in your user profile. Note that the default unit setting has no affect on imported files.
  • View and edit the active workspace's properties (including a list of tabs, parts within the tabs, descriptions, part numbers, revision numbers, and states). If Release management is enabled, and automatic part number generation is also enabled, there will be an icon to automatically generate a part number for each part.
  • Print the graphics area of the active tab.
  • Close the document.


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Last Updated: January 07, 2020