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Administrators of enterprises can create customized release and obsoletion workflows specific to the enterprise needs. Onshape provides a JSON file of our release and obsoletion workflows as a starting place for customizing the workflow to suit your company's needs. You can also use our JSON as a starting point for creating your own JSON file.

Bear in mind that the currently selected release and obsoletion workflow (chosen by the administrator) governs newly created release candidates through the selected process. If you change the worfklow while a release is in-process, that release follows the workflow under which it was created. The newly selected workflow will govern only release candidates created after it was selected.

One more thing: Onshape customized workflows currently do not allow cyclical processes.

You can unpublish a workflow, to remove it from the active workflow list.

You can add as many workflows as you want to your workflow repertoire to select from. You can also replace an existing customized workflow, if necessary.

We recommend keeping all of your workflow definition files in one Onshape document for ease of access.

The customization process has these major steps, each explained in detail below:

  1. Download the Onshape default workflows to your hard drive or other easily accessible location.
  2. Create a new Onshape document and import the workflow files.
  3. Optionally customize a workflow with FeatureScript to update item properties upon some release action.
  4. Edit and publish the workflows.
  5. Optionally debug a customized worfklow.