The Onshape Professional subscription enables you to consolidate billing for multiple users, thereby creating a Company within Onshape: a named, user-visible Onshape entity with consolidated billing, ownership and sharing for a set of Professional subscription users. All company-owned documents are automatically shared with all company members.

The Professional company account also includes access to release management functionality, as well as the ability to create and use custom meta data.

If an existing Free user is listed as belonging to a Professional subscription, that user's plan is automatically upgraded to Professional and included in the company subscription billing. Any Onshape user may be paid for and included in a Professional subscription, and even multiple Professional subscriptions.

All users in a company have view access to the company settings. The owner has the ability to make changes to the company subscription (and app subscriptions) and admins of the company may edit some company settings.

For pricing information, see

The Account menu, located under your name in the upper-right corner of the interface, allows you to access:

  • My account - Where you can manage and maintain your Onshape account, set preferences, notifications settings, security and more. See My account settings for detailed information.
  • Action items - View any tasks that have been assigned to you through the Comments dialog. See Action items for detailed information.
  • Company settings - View the account setting for your company. See Company/Enterprise settings for detailed information.
  • View support tickets - View any support tickets you have submitted. If you would like to submit a support ticket, look in the Help menu (the icon to the right of your name in the upper-right corner of the interface).
  • Sign out - Sign out of and close your Onshape session.

For an additional Learning center resource, follow the technical briefing article here: Company Organization In Onshape (Onshape account required).