Sketch a multiple point bezier curve with points along the bezier curve's control polygon. The bezier curve follows the path of its control polygon.

In the Sketch toolbar:

Sketch toolbar with Bezier tool icon highlighted


  1. Click Sketch bezier icon.
  2. Click to start, click to establish points, double-click to end.

Bezier curve example

Example of the bezier curve (blue), control polygon (black), and control points (white circles).

Adjusting the Bezier curve

  1. Ensure the Bezier curve sketch tool is deselected on the Sketch toolbar.
  2. Click and drag any control point (white point) along the bezier curve's control polygon to make adjustments to the curve.

You can use the bezier control points with dimensions:

Bezier control points used with dimensions

You can use bezier control points with constraints. For example, the two orange highlighted points in the image below are vertically constrained:

Bezier control points used with constraints


  • A bezier curve cannot be a closed loop (the first control point connected to the last control point). Use the Spline tool to create a closed loop.
  • You can add more control points with the Spline control point tool.
  • Visualize the curvature in more detail with the Curve/surface analysis context menu command:

    Visualizing curvature with a bezier curve