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This Onshape Render Studio application allows the creation of photorealistic scenes from imported Part Studios or Assemblies. Use scenes to test model appearances and materials, lighting and camera setups, and environments. Export scenes as .jpg- or .png-formatted images to market rendered designs.

Once imported via the Document tab menu, scenes are created in the Render Studio Dashboard. Create as many Render Studio tabs as needed. Each tab contains a single dashboard, where scenes are saved, listed, and organized. From the dashboard, create new and open, update, or delete saved Render Studio scenes. Create as many Render Studio tabs as needed, and save as many scenes as needed in each dashboard. Each scene created is stored only in the dashboard where it is created.

Render Studio main window, panels, and toolbar


Simultaneous editing is not currently supported in Render Studio tabs. Accessing a Render Studio tab shows only your saved scenes. Other users' scenes are not visible to you. This is different from the behavior of other Onshape tabs, such as Part Studios and Assemblies, which do support simultaneous editing.

Editing the same Render Studio scene in multiple browser windows under the same user account is not recommended. The latest edit takes precedence and can overwrite edits to the scene in the alternate browser window(s).

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Action
alt/option+drag Assign to part
alt/option+shift+drag Assign to face
alt/option+shift+select part/Part Studio/Assembly Show Transform manipulator
esc Cancel
space Clear selection
delete Delete selection
ctrl+z, cmd+z Undo change
ctrl+y, ctrl+cmd+z Redo change
ctrl+shift+← Pan left
ctrl+shift+→ Pan right
ctrl+shift+↑ Pan up
ctrl+shift+↓ Pan down
shift+← Precision rotate left
shift+→ Precision rotate right
shift+↑ Precision rotate up
shift+↓ Precision rotate down
Rotate left
Rotate right
Rotate up
Rotate down
alt+t Open tab manager
y Hide selected parts
shift+y Show selected parts
shift+1 Front view
shift+5 Top view
shift+3 Left view
shift+4 Right view
shift+5 Top view
shift+6 Bottom view
shift+7 Isometric view
shift+v Named view
shift+z Zoom in
z Zoom out
f Zoom to fit
w Zoom to window

Render Studio context menu

Right-click on a Render Studio tab to access the context menu:

  • Delete - Delete the Render Studio (or any tab), even if it is active. The last remaining tab cannot be deleted.
  • Rename - Access the dialog to rename this Render Studio.
  • Properties - Access the dialog to provide information about the Render Studio. In the Properties dialog, provide metadata for the entire Render Studio. Grayed out (inactive) properties are defined and populated through the Company’s properties in Account management. See Manage Companies > Properties for more information.