Onshape is built on a cloud-based architecture which has two primary and distinct advantages:

  • Hardware requirements are significantly less for Onshape than for installed desktop CAD programs.
  • Onshape technology is lightweight and consists of short, intermittent messages, yielding much greater performance for any given bandwidth.

To ensure optimal GPU performance when using Onshape, browse the recommendations below and compare to your configuration.

You have the ability to let Onshape determine whether your browser is compatible with Onshape here: browser compatibility.

The browser compatibility checks for and displays the following information:

  • Browser and version
  • WebGL and extensions
  • Renderer
  • Performance check
  • WebSockets
  • Geographical Data
  • Onshape server region

This is for informational purposes only, Onshape’s compatibility check does not resolve any issues.

Additional information

More resources include:

For more information see Performance Panel.

For an additional Learning center resource, follow the technical briefing article here: Hardware Recommendations (Onshape account required).