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Create and edit callouts (balloons) with a leader line. Callouts are associative with the part metadata of the document, a BOM table (when present), and a Cut list table (when present). When a BOM or Cut list table is present, the callout defaults to use the Item Number in the table.

If the table order is changed, use the Update Drawing feature Update drawing feature icon to update the callouts.

Creating a Callout

To create a callout:

  1. Click Balloon Feature Icon.
    1. To place a callout with a leader, hover over a view (or a face in a view) to activate a snap point. Click to anchor the leader, then click to set the balloon. The leader includes a moveable node along the horizontal segment (when Border shape = None):

      Click and drag the node to extend or shrink the horizontal segment of the leader line.

    2. You can also place callouts on centermarks, manually placed centermarks, linear dimensions, and angular dimensions.

    3. To place a callout without a leader in the white space of a drawing, simply click in the white space to set the callout.

    Callouts placed on faces are indicated by a solid circle, not an arrowhead, as shown below.


  2. Make specifications in the dialog before placing the callout in the drawing.

    Example of the callout dialog to create a callout (balloon)

    Click Accept checkmark icon to save your specifications and close the dialog.

    While moving the mouse to place the callout, you'll notice thin, dashed lines as the cursor passes near other entities. These are inferencing lines that you can align the dimension to; simply click when you see the line appear to align the dimension to that line.

    Call Out Inference Example

  3. Use the options to dictate the style and content of the callout:
    • Part property - Select from the metadata for the part to create associative links to that data:

      Callout part property dropdown list

    • Table property - Select from the fields included in your table to create associative links to that table:

      Callout table property dropdown list

    • Flag properties iconFlag note property - Add a flag to an item in a note styled as a list. See Note for more information.
    • Cut list table property - Select from the fields included in your Cut list table to create associative links to that table:

      Cut list table property dropdown list

    • Enter text for above, below, and to the left and right of the callout data.
    • Select a symbol from the dropdown menu to insert into the callout.
    • Select height, border shape, and border size for the callout text.