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To get started with Onshape and set up your account and behavior defaults, we highly recommend going through the Primer first.  This walks you through pertinent "set and forget" account preferences, how to begin a sketch, make a part, and other basics of Onshape. The estimated time to completion is 50 minutes for all sections, but you are able to select the modules of your choice.

Onshape Primer

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Onshape provides many self-paced learning opportunities for you. Select your preferred method of learning from the links below. Check back often, as we regularly update our resources.

If you are new to Onshape, going through the Primer is a good way to get acquainted with Onshape concepts and some basic functionality.

This master help system contains help for all of the platforms that Onshape works on. In each topic, information for all platforms is explained. In some topics, the information is platform-specific and there are dropdowns for each platform. In other topics, the information is not platform-specific, so the information applies to all platforms.

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To provide feedback on the Help system itself, click on the blue Feedback button on the right side of your browser.

Use the tool within Onshape to log a ticket for Onshape Support. Expand the Help menu (click the icon) and select Contact Support. Enterprise customers may also reach out to their Customer Success manager.

At the bottom of every topic in the help, you'll find the Was this article helpful? feedback tool (as seen below). Provide your feedback by clicking either the Yes or No button.


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Last Updated: October 13, 2020