You can create mechanical drawings from within Onshape Part Studios and Assemblies and also of entire Part Studios. All Onshape drawings are based on the .DWG file format (drawing database) and the .DXF file format (Drawing Interchange File) is also supported.

You can create a drawing on iOS devices, however, the only actions you can take on them in iOS is rename, change the drawing URL, delete, and export.

example of how to use Drawings feature


Keep in mind that currently, simultaneous editing is not supported in drawing elements. If you try to activate a drawing element that another user has already activated (in a shared document), you will see a message explaining who is currently editing the tab.

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Action
f Zoom to fit

Zoom window

Shift+z Zoom in
z Zoom out
d Dimension
Shift+r Radial dimension
Shift+d Diameter dimension
Shift+q Toggle on midpoints and quad points
m Maximum/minimum dimension
n Note annotation
Ctrl+q Update drawing
l Line
p Create Projected view
s Display shortcut toolbar (if enabled; Esc key to close)
Ctrl+s Display sheet menu
PgDn Next sheet
PgUp Previous sheet
Home First sheet
End Last sheet
Delete Delete selected entity

To learn more about creating drawings in Onshape, follow a self-paced course here: Detailed Drawings (Onshape account required). You can also follow the Learning pathway course here: Introduction to 2D Drawings (Onshape account required).