When modeling, you may need to see a part that is occluded visually by another part or parts, in order to perform some task. To this end, Onshape provides the "Make transparent" command in the context menu for parts and assemblies.

Use these commands to access the parts required for your tasks, instead of painstakingly finding and hiding to access the relevant entities.

Use the shortcut key Shift+t to make a part under the cursor transparent. This command is cumulative; you can use it on part after part, keep all transparent until you select "Exit make transparent." You can also multi-select parts and then select the command.

A dialog box opens when you initiate the command:

Making a part transparent using the Expand: distance slider on the Make transparent dialog

In a Part Studio, you can Expand by distance to use the slider to make each successive part transparent as you drill through to the part you need.

In an Assembly, you can Expand by distance (as in a Part Studio) or by connectivity to use the slider to make each successively connected part transparent as the slider moves.

Select Hide transparent parts to completely hide the part (or parts) being made transparent.

This command is also available when editing part in context. For more information on in-context editing, see Modeling In Context.