View holes existing in the Part Studio, created through the use of the Hole tool in the Feature toolbar.

This article covers the Part Studio Hole table. Refer to the Drawing hole table article for information on using a hole table in a Drawing.

Hole table: Desktop

When you have created a Hole feature, a Hole table icon appears on the right side of the graphics area, where the Appearance panel and Configuration panel are located:

Hole table icon highlighted on the right side of the graphics area

Click the Hole table icon to open the panel:

Opening the Hole table panel

Since the Hole table icon appears only after a Hole has been created, the table contains a list of all holes in the Part Studio. The table is updated automatically when Hole features are created.

What you can do with the Hole table

Hover over a row of the table to highlight the holes in the graphics area, on the model.

Click the Overflow icon icon and select Copy table to copy the table to your computer clipboard, which you can then paste into a spreadsheet, if desired.

Right-click on a column to access the context menu:

Right-clicking the column to access the context menu

Once a column is removed, you can use the Overflow icon menu to Show <column-name> to restore the removed column.