Feature Toolbar with Insert Image Highlighted

Insert the contents of a DXF or DWG file as Onshape drawing entities. Use this tool as a method to create a custom template; for more information see Custom Drawing Templates.

  1. Click Insert DWG and DXF Files tool icon.
  2. In the dialog that appears, enter a search phrase into the Search files box to locate a file, or select one from the list.

You are also able to click Other documents in the dialog to browse for a document that has an image file already uploaded. Inserting a file from another Onshape document (that you own or has been shared with you) copies the file.

Step 2 to using Insert DWG and DXF Files tool

If there is no file listed, use the Import option at the bottom of the dialog to bring one into the document.

Step 2 to using Insert DWG and DXF Files tool


  • Contents are imported from model space and copied to the drawing.
  • Only wireframe geometry (lines, arcs, polylines, etc) and notes from model space are imported (no 3D data).
  • All colors are removed and the default color in the Onshape drawing is applied (the appropriate layer color). To change the background color:
    • Navigate to My account > Preferences > Drawings, and select Dark or Light. Click Save drawing settings.
  • All blocks are exploded.
  • All polylines are exploded.
  • All simple notes are converted to Notes and are editable.
  • Use the Move to command on the View’s context menu (right-click) to add elements to: Title block, Border frame, and Border zones.

Elements will be added to the corresponding layer: title block, border frame, or border zones.