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Onshape allows you to merge design changes from one workspace to another using From > To logic. You merge changes from any workspace or version of one branch (the source), to another workspace on another branch (the target, always a workspace).

This lesson covers what to do once you have branches with designs you approve and want to merge those designs together again in one branch.

Preparing to merge branches


When you have a workspace on one branch (what we call a 'source') you can merge it into another branch (what we call a 'target'). The most important information right now is that you will merge into the active workspace. So make sure to have the workspace you want to merge into open and active in the interface.

  1. Open Versions and history in the Documentation panel, outlined in blue, below.

    Opening Versions and history

  2. Onshape recommends first creating a version in the workspace you want to merge (the source workspace). That way you always have that moment in time you can go back to.

    The advantage to creating a version is that it won't change if a user continues to work in the workspace.

    With the source workspace open in the interface, click the Create version icon and fill in the details in the dialog.

    Creating a version

  3. Once a version is made of the source workspace, go ahead and open the target workspace: the workspace into which you want to merge. (To make a workspace active, select it in the Versions and history graph.)
  4. With the Versions and history graph open, right-click the source version and select Merge into current workspace.

All changes made in the source version are all merged into the target workspace and immediately visible in the interface.

An example


Let's walk through an example of having a design that requires merging a version into a workspace.

This base and widget were created in the Main branch of a document. A version was created, V1, and a branch created from that version, B1.

Creating a branch from a version

In branch B1, the widget design was then modified as shown below:

Modifying the branch

In branch Main, the base design was modified by adding holes in the corners, as shown below:

Modifying the base design

To merge the new widget design in branch B1 into the design in Main, we must:

  1. Open the workspace of branch Main so it's visible in the interface, and open the Versions and history graph as well:

    Opening the workspace

  2. Open the Versions and history graph, make sure the Main workspace is selected, and then right-click branch B1:

    Right-clicking the workspace

  3. Select Merge into current workspace. The Merge dialog opens, where you can select the Overall merge strategy and individual tabs to merge:

    Merge dialog

  4. Click the Merge button. The current workspace, Main, is updated with the geometry in the workspace of branch B1, including the parametric history of the features from branch B1, resulting in this widget design:

    Updated workspace

Additional resources

For additional Learning center resources, follow the self-paced course here: Branching and Merging (Onshape account required). You can also follow the technical briefings here: Understanding and Working with a Document’s Historical Data (Onshape account required) and Gitflow Version Management (Onshape account required).