Desktop platform icon This functionality is currently available only on Onshape's browser platform.

Creating and using labelsCopy link

Onshape provides a way for you to group and label documents to better organize them. You have the ability to label individual documents or groups of documents at a time. You also have the ability to relabel documents, apply more than one label to a document, remove a label from a document, and add and delete labels at will. All labels are user-specific, and no other user sees the labels you apply to documents, regardless of permissions.

You can also create folders to physically group documents. Share permissions are applied to the folder (top-level folders only) and all documents and sub-folders within a folder inherit those Share permissions. For more information about folders, see Creating and Using Folders.

You have two options for creating labels:

  • Use the Label command in the Create menu to create a label without immediately applying it to a document. (Shown below.)
  • Use the Labels icon Label icon located near the Details icon to create a label for selected documents. (Shown below.)

"Organizing documents"- example of creating labels for documents

  1. Click either Create > Label, (shown above) or the label icon Label Icon in the top right of the window and then Create new label:

    "Create new label" - example of the Create new label option

  2. Enter a name for the label and click Create.

The label appears in the filter list on the left side of the window.

Applying labels to documents

You can apply one or more labels to one or more documents at a time:

  1. In the Documents list, select one or more documents. Use Ctrl-click to select more than one document.
  2. Click the label icon Label icon in the upper-right of the window.
  3. Select which labels to apply to the document(s) by checking the box next to the desired labels:

    Grouping documents by label

  4. Click the X in the upper-right of the dialog to save the specifications and close the dialog.
  5. Notice the label appear below the document name in the Detail pane(as shown below).

Use the Search box in the dialog to search for the label you want when applying labels to documents.
To locate documents with a particular label, select the label filter on the left side of the window.
You can also drag and drop selected documents onto an existing label to apply that label.

You can also apply existing labels while creating a new document.

  1. On the Documents page, click Create.

  2. From the dropdown menu, click Document...

    Screenshot of New document dialog

  3. This opens the New document dialog box (shown above), where you can name your new document and optionally apply existing labels.

Filtering by labels

To locate documents by label, select the label in the Document filter list:

Locating Documents by label

The breadcrumb at the top of the Documents list displays the current filter selection (or folder path). The documents list is refreshed to list all documents with that label applied.

Deleting labels

Deleting a label has no effect on documents, except to remove the label from them:

  1. Select the label in the Documents filter list.
  2. Right-click and select Delete label.
  3. In the message that appears, click Delete.

You can remove a label from a document by selecting the document and opening the Label dialog (click the Label icon in the toolbar) or right-click the document and select Labels... from the context menu. This opens the dialog with a list of labels: click the checkbox to remove labels from, or apply labels to, that document.