The Onshape user profile displays general information about you and your account, such as Name, username, nickname, bio, documentation name, and company/enterprise name.

To navigate to your Onshape profile, click your Account user icon (Account user icon) in the top right corner of your Onshape window. This opens a dropdown menu. Click My account.

This automatically brings you to your Onshape user profile:

My account: Profile

Onshape automatically records the first and last names you specify during sign up; here you may also enter a personal nickname for display in the system (in the upper right-hand corner of the user interface). Upload a photo to be used next to your user name and on comments, in the Share dialog, and generally wherever lists of user information exists.

  • Username is the name to be used as your Onshape forum name.

  • Nickname is the name seen by other users when you collaborate and is also displayed in the upper right corner of your Onshape window.

  • Bio (Optional) is a brief user biography that can be seen by other users.

  • Documentation Name is the name used to initial Drawings. The name is also used when creating Release candidates (for Enterprise subscriptions).

Administrators can override a user's Documentation name. See Editing a user for more information.

Click the Update profile button at the bottom of the page to save your changes.