Displays applications settings, where you can add or remove the applications you use with Onshape.

This page is where you set your user account Applications. For information on setting your company/classroom/enterprise-wide Applications, see Company/Classroom/Enterprise settings - Applications.

To navigate to your Preferences settings in Onshape, click on your Account user icon (Account user icon) in the top right corner of your Onshape window. This opens a drop down menu. Click My account.

Click Applications in the list on the left side of the page. This brings you to your Onshape Applications settings. Onshape offers third-party applications for use with your Onshape account. To access the Onshape App Store, navigate to http://appstore.onshape.com and sign in with your Onshape account credentials.

My account: Applications

Here's a list of frequently asked questions (App Store FAQs).

Once signed in to the App store, you can browse the available apps and make purchases. As the owner of a company or enterprise, you may purchase multiple seats for other users in your company or enterprise and assign users to those seats.


Applications can be sorted on the Name column. Click on Name once to sort alphabetically from A-Z. Click again to reverse the sort order from Z-A.