You can print (or download an image of) any Part Studio or Assembly in Onshape.


  1. Open the tab you wish to print.
  2. Expand the Document menu Hamburger Icon:

    Opening the Document menu to show the Print option

  3. Select Print.

    A Print dialog opens and a dotted line appears, providing a preview of the printed page border:

    Example of the Print preview with the print setup dialog

  4. You are able to click and drag the items (parts, models, drawings) to position it within the dotted page borders using Onshape mouse actions for moving parts.
  5. Select the desired paper size.
  6. Select Portrait or Landscape orientation.
  7. When satisfied with the set up of the page, click Print to display the page as it will be printed (print preview).
  8. Make more specifications as necessary (including destination printer, pages to print, number of copies, layout, color or black and white). You can also specify: paper size, margins, pages per sheet, scale, whether to print on two sides or single side.
  9. Click Print.

To download an image, click Download image, choose where you would like to download the image, and click Save.