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View and filter lists of releases and task activities on the Action items tab.

Screenshot of Action items page where you can monitor releases and tasks

  1. Action items - To return to the Action items page from the Activity, Documents, or Analytics page, click Action items at the top of the page, shown above.
  2. Filter column - In the filter column on the left side of the page, you have the ability to use the selections to filter through releases and/or tasks in the center of the page. The filter options include:
    1. Type - Choose between filtering through release activities, task activities, or all, by selecting the check boxes to the left of the filter options.
    2. Role - Choose between filtering through releases or tasks assigned to you or created by you by selecting one of the radio buttons to the left of the filter options.
    3. Status - Choose between filtering through open releases or tasks or closed releases or tasks by selecting one of the radio buttons to the left of the filter options.
  3. Action items list - As you select different filters, the results for the corresponding selections will appear in the Action items list located in the center of the page.
  4. Sort - Sort your filtered results by Oldest releases and/or tasks first or Newest first by clicking the dropdown arrow under Sort and selecting your preference (Onshape defaults to sorting by Oldest first).

Working with the Action items listCopy link

In the list of action items, there are many tools to interact with and obtain information from:

  • The blue bullet at each item: when open (white center) it indicates a task you have not yet expanded. A closed (blue) bullet indicates an item that has been expanded previously.
  • Click an item to expand it:

    Example of an expanded item in the Action item list

    The name of the document associated with the action item is shown along with the document thumbnail. Click the name of the document to open it.

    For release tasks, the release notes are included, the last comment made, and the action associated with this workflow notification. The current state of the release is also noted, along with the names of the approvers and a color-coded indication of their action: Red for rejected or discarded, white for pending, and green for approved.

    There is also a link to view the release (View release). This does not open the document, but opens the Review release dialog.