Obtain a measurement between points, lines, arc and circles in a drawing.

Shortcut: [


  1. Click Measure tool icon (in the bottom right corner of the drawing) to open the Measure dialog in a drawing.

    Measure tool icon location

    Measure dialog

  2. Select the entity to measure, or multiple entities to measure between.

    Example of selecting entities to measure

  3. Select the unit of measure from the dropdown: the document's default units are indicated by (Drawing). This is especially useful for users with view-only permission, to obtain measurements in the units necessary.
  4. Optionally elect to show dual units, if desired. A second measurement appears beside the first measurement:

    Example of enabling Show dual units in the Measure dialog

  5. The measurements of the projected geometry are displayed in the dialog box, and axes are indicated.
  6. The type of relation is shown, in the above example it is point-to-point.
  7. Click the red x to close the dialog.