Shortcut: Ctrl+q

Feature Toolbar with Update Drawing Icon Highlighted

When an underlying Part Studio or Assembly of a drawing is changed, the drawing may need to be updated, as indicated by the active Updating a Drawing feature tool icon (the inactive icon is grayed out). Changes that trigger this condition may be seemingly insignificant, like moving a sketch dimension or hiding a construction plane in a Part Studio. To understand better why this button is active, check the History of the document to view recent changes.

Note that this action only updates drawing views, nothing else in the drawing or document, and does not check for updated links to other documents.


  1. Click Updating a Drawing feature tool icon.
  2. Refresh your browser to regenerate the drawing.
  3. Check the drawing for any issues.

At times, the update might not work seamlessly and an added entity (a dimension, for example) may turn red because it might be dangling (or broken). See Dangling Entities for more info.


  • Given that a drawing may need to be updated as a result of a small change in a document (see above), you may want to 'lock down' a drawing so the Update button will not highlight. Simply version the document: this freezes the drawing in its current state and you can then mark the drawing's state as Released in the version.
  • A drawing of a part from a workspace will show that it needs updating whenever the part in the workspace changes. However, you can work on a drawing without updating it. Simply update whenever you wish to incorporate the current state of the part.
  • The performance while opening a drawing (and the document containing the drawing) is significantly faster when the drawing references either a version or a revision of a part.
  • To reference a version or revision, right-click on the drawing tab and select Change to version.Then select a version (or revision) to change to.
  • The increase in performance when using a version or revision is significant and still allows you to update the drawing to newer versions and revisions as they become available.
  • If a drawing is out-of-date at the time a new view is placed on the drawing, the drawing will automatically update.