A drawing has properties as well as metadata that can be set in one place to apply to the entire drawing. These properties cover things like Units and precision defaults, dimension defaults, annotations defaults, views defaults, construction geometry defaults, formatting defaults, and table defaults. The drawing metadata is accessed separately and allows you to specify things like name, description, part number, revision, state, drawn by, approver, and any custom properties you or your company have created. These defaults apply to the entire drawing, regardless of how many or few sheets are in the drawing.

Sheets also have properties you can set. These are set per individual sheet and include settings like: scale, format, size, and reference (meaning, which part/Part Studio is referenced on the sheet). The sheet properties have no bearing on the drawing properties.

Accessing metadata

Right-click on the Drawing tab and select Properties to access the Properties dialog. Remember that this metadata applies to the Drawing object itself.

Part properties dialog

Accessing Sheet properties

Right-click on a sheet in the Sheet pane and select Properties:

Drawing sheet properties icon

Sheet properties dialog

Accessing Drawing properties

Click the icon on the right side of the drawing window, about half way down:

Accessing drawing properties

Drawing properties panel