In addition to allowing the creation of custom templates from scratch, Onshape also provides a number of public drawing templates for you to use and customize. These templates are typical of what most users would need and may be sufficient used as-is by many users. To use a drawing from a different CAD package as a template in Onshape, see Using traditional CAD drawings as templates in Onshape.

You can think of a drawing template as being comprised of the format of a drawing that includes the title block, border, and zones, if desired, as well as the properties that describe the function of the drawing that are found under the drawing Properties panel. A drawing template is nothing more than formatting the desired appearance and defining the drawing properties and behavior, to be available for reuse for every detailed drawing.

For best practices when creating native Onshape drawing templates, see Best practices for creating native onshape drawing templates (Onshape account required) in the Learning Center.