Tag sketch profiles with names, descriptions, and properties for use in the Cut list table. The Frame collection of tools also includes :

Frame trim iconFrame trim - Trim segments as ordered groups.

Gusset (for frames) iconGusset - Create gussets between adjacent frame segments.

End cap feature tool iconEnd cap - Create one or more end caps for frame segments.

Cut list iconCut list - Create a cut list of all the segments in a frame with their characteristics. This operation also creates an open composite part for the collection.


To tag a profile you've created or modified and use the information in the Cut list table as additional columns:

  1. Click Tag profile icon to open the Tag profile dialog.

    Tag profile dialog

  2. In the Sketch profile field, select the sketch in the Feature list that serves as the sketch for the profile.
  3. Best practice is to tag a profile, create a version, and reference that version of the profile in the frame.

  4. In the Additional alignment points field, select any other points in your sketch you want to use for alignment.

  5. In the Standard field, enter the value to display in the Standard column of the Cut list table.
  6. In the Description field, enter a description to display in the Description column of the Cut list table.
  7. To supply more columns of information for the profile, click Add Column:

    Tag profile dialog with Add Column selected

  8. In the Header field, enter the name of the new column header to appear in the Cut list table of the additional profile, and the value:

    Example entering the column header name of the additional profile, and the value

  9. Click Add Column to add another column/value pair to the Cut list table.

  10. Click the green check mark when done.

Example of the new column and values in the Cut list table

Notice the new values in the Description column, and the additional column "Short" with corresponding values, above.

The profile's new information appears in the Cut list table after being used in a Frame feature, followed by a Cut list table feature to create the table. Click Cut list icon on the right side of the window to open the table panel.