This functionality is available on Onshape's browser, iOS, and Android platforms.

What is Onshape Enterprise?

Onshape Enterprise is Onshape’s premium product offering designed for sophisticated product teams who need to work fast without losing control of data.

Onshape Enterprise is a specific plan type available from Onshape which enables a company to purchase a plan for multiple users with consolidated billing. When you purchase Onshape Enterprise, you receive a particular domain where the users in your company can access Onshape. Your Onshape domain is specific to you and inaccessible by other, unrelated Onshape users. Only the users specified and paid for by your company are allowed access to your enterprise.

When working within an Enterprise in Onshape, be aware that you are in a separate, managed environment that has a subtle difference from other types of Onshape subscriptions. The Enterprise environment is owned and managed by an Enterprise Administrator and can include many users, called Members of the Enterprise.

All users belonging to a specific Enterprise plan access Onshape through a single URL, specifically for their Enterprise.

Every Onshape Enterprise user has access to their particular Enterprise's account as well as an individual account. If you sign in using cad.onshape.com in lieu of your Enterprise URL, you'll find yourself in your own account. You are able to use this account to create Onshape documents that are separate from the Enterprise and not seen or managed by the Enterprise. Regardless of what platform you use, when you sign into Onshape you access this individual account first unless you use your specific Enterprise URL. Use the User menu > Switch to <enterprise name> to switch your sign in to the Enterprise account.

Once signed in to your Enterprise account, you see primary areas of access:

  • Activity - Browse all Onshape activity of your Enterprise users from simple changes made to documents, to viewing and responding to comments, and even viewing the differences (diffs) between versions of documents. If you are not an administrator of your Enterprise account, you see only your own Activity stream. See Monitoring User Activity.
  • Documents - Access the Documents page on your mobile device. See Documents Page.
  • Analytics - Onshape provides dashboards for a variety of categories of information. Each user sees and has access to only the reports that their Global permissions allow. The main page lists off the dashboards available to you depending on the Global permissions associated with your account. See Accessing Analytics.

Signing in on a mobile device

The first time you sign into your Onshape Enterprise account on a mobile device, you land in your individual Onshape account. To access your Enterprise:

  1. Tap the hamburger menu next to Home in the upper-left corner of the device screen.
  2. In the menu that opens, select Switch to <enterprise name>.

    A notification appears asking if you mean to sign out of Onshape and switch to your domain.

  3. Tap OK.

    Your Enterprise URL is displayed.

  4. Tap Next.
  5. Supply the email address and password associated with your Enterprise account.
  6. Tap Sign In.

Onshape will remember this state the next time you open the app.

Once you are signed in to your Onshape Enterprise account, the Activity page is displayed.

At the bottom of the page are three icons/links to the additional Onshape Enterprise areas: Activity, Documents, Analytics.

Reaching Support

Onshape is here to help you. Contact our Support team the same way you normally would: 

  1. Click the in the top right corner of the interface and select Contact Support.

    You are able to ask a question, suggest an enhancement, or report an issue.

  2. If you choose to share your document with Support, the Onshape Support team will be able to jump in and help you in real time.
Last Updated: July 09, 2019